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QA Strategy

QA Strategy

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A 5-day-long high intensity QA enhancement project with a clearly defined goal, fixed price, and 110% satisfaction guarantee.


Our QA Strategy is a Testing Intensive, which is delivered in three distinct phases:

Phase 1: Intake

It all begins with a Mission Briefing initial workshop, which normally takes 1-2 hours. Mission Briefing clarifies your QA Strategy's goal and turns it into an action plan.

Phase 2: QA Roadmap & Testing

This phase takes 5 days, usually from Monday to Friday. We have QA Roadmap -discussions with your key personnel to form a clear picture of where you're now, and where you need to be.

Also, we test like TestGuru's do to gain insight on your software's condition, present you the results with concrete action proposals so that you can continue to make your product even more impressive.

Phase 3: Follow-up

Testing results alone won't make your project any better. The actions that follow the results do. We will establish a plan aimed at correcting your quality pain points.

More information on Testing Intensives here.


The price is fixed €9.450 EUR (VAT 0%).

All the needed tools, licenses, and devices are included in this price. No surprise fees guaranteed!

110% Satisfaction Guarantee

We are the best at everything we do. That's why our work comes with a full satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason you want your money back, we will refund +10% of the effort you put in and the lessons we learned!

The guarantee protects not only you but also us. It is not worthwhile for either side to cooperate if success is not likely!

Ask about QA Strategy and we'll be in touch in the next 24 hours!

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  • Jumpstart Your Quality Journey

    Jumpstart Your Quality Journey

    The QA Strategy provides the perfect launchpad for anyone eager to enhance software quality. It's your starting point to navigate the complexities of quality assurance with clarity and purpose.

  • Guidance for the Lost

    Guidance for the Lost

    If you find yourself in the maze of software quality improvement without a clear direction, the QA Strategy is your compass. We offer guidance and practical steps for those who want to improve but aren't sure where to begin.

  • Simple, Effective, and Badass

    Simple, Effective and Badass

    Our approach is straightforward, effective, and, dare we say, a little badass. No unnecessary complications—just the essential steps to elevate your software quality and make your QA efforts impactful from the get-go.


How will the QA Strategy benefit my team?

The QA Strategy is a time-saver! No need to invest and pay for difficult and heavy consulting projects. We deliver actionable strategy in just 5 days.

Here, we offer a streamlined approach to quality improvement. We provide a clear understanding of where to begin, simplify complex processes, and empower your team to take effective steps toward elevating software quality.

What does QA Strategy cover?

We setup QA Roadmap discussions with your key personnel to gain a proper view of where you're at and where you want to be.

In addition to those discussions, we execute an intensive testing round to smoke out bugs and form a clear picture of your software's current condition.

Together, these two aspects are truly enough for us to give you a professional view on the next steps and to jumpstart your quality journey.

Is the QA Strategy suitable for those with little to no experience in quality assurance?

Absolutely! The QA Strategy is beginner-friendly. Whether you're a QA novice or a hard-boiled professional looking to refresh your approach, we provide a user-friendly entry point with easy-to-follow steps and guidance.

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