We Are Testing Gurus

The Prove team consists of approximately 45 employees who tackle the most challenging aspects of software testing. The majority of the team works in Oulu, and you can encounter them at our cozy office in the city center. Additionally, we offer the opportunity for remote work, so you can join us even if you reside elsewhere in Finland. Prove's testing gurus come from diverse educational backgrounds and career paths, but they share a passion for testing work. If you want to be part of a team that enjoys challenges and delivers quality to our clients, Prove Expertise Oy is the right place for you.

  • Test Engineer Jami Salmela

    Jami Salmela

    "I came across Prove while contemplating an internship through my school's email. The place sounded cool, so I decided to apply and got in. When I started, the vibes were great—friendly atmosphere, nice people, neat facilities, and smooth operations. Everything was fantastic. It still is, but the initial morning jitters have eased. I've been with Prove for a little over two years now, primarily working on intensive testing projects. I've been involved in usability, accessibility, and device testing. The best part of the job is the variety; it's enjoyable to switch between locations, projects, and products. The best thing about Prove is the company culture. Everyone is considered to be on the same level, and you can do your work independently. The atmosphere is more laid-back than what you might expect from an IT company."

  • Test Engineer Pasi Keski-Korsu

    Pasi Keski-Korsu

    "I ended up with Prove by chance when I happened to discuss with Jaakko Sakaranaho as my thesis was nearing completion, and I was contemplating future career plans. I asked if Prove had a need for an employee, and we scheduled a meeting for the following week. During that session, we planned a product for security testing. My time at Prove has been interesting, as I've had the opportunity to work on a new testing product and enhance my testing skills. It has been challenging at times to make progress, but it has been a rewarding and intriguing experience. I particularly appreciate the freedom to create working methods and tasks, allowing personal growth and development."

Jumpstart Your Quality Journey

Working at Prove

  • Flexible opportunities for work; the location, tools, working hours, and vacations are negotiable.
  • We value a good balance between work and leisure.
  • Interesting and developmental tasks


  • Comprehensive occupational health care: In addition to a good occupational health agreement, we offer benefits for dental and massage services.
  • Lunch benefit: We use Edenred's lunch benefit.
  • Recreation benefit: Employees have the opportunity to influence what best supports their own well-being, with options such as a company bicycle or Edenred's rechargeable recreation balance.

An Open Application

Here's a greeting from Prove's CEO, Antti Niittyviita. As he instructs in the video, you can send us an open job application using the Loom application. Record a short video introducing yourself and explaining why testing is important to you. You can also present your CV in the video. Submit your application through the form below. Hopefully, we'll see you soon for a job interview!

For the time being, the video exists only in Finnish!

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