Dear Software Project Leader

You don't need lengthy and risky quality assurance hourly contracts or on-site resources... Especially at times like these!

You can solve the pain points gnawing at your product's quality with precise and speedy actions!

At Prove's Testing Labs, we created the Testing Intensives for this very purpose.

  • Phase 1: Intake

    It all starts with a 90-minute workshop that clarifies your Testing Intensive's goal and needs into an action plan. The workshop is free and does not bind either party to start the work. It is, therefore, entirely risk-free!

  • Phase 2: Testing

    During a 5-day testing phase, we test your product with notorious testing skillz. Your team will immediately receive bug reports for processing. We will then present the results for you and your management. We present you the results and concrete action proposals so that you can continue to make your product even more impressive.

  • Phase 3: Follow-up

    Testing results alone won't make your project any better. The actions that follow the results do. We will establish a plan aimed at correcting your quality pain points. From here, you can continue the work yourself, or you can take us to the finish line with you!

Available Testing Intensives

110% Satisfaction Guarantee

We are the best at everything we do. That's why our work comes with a full satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason you want your money back, we will refund +10% of the effort you put in and the lessons we learned!

The guarantee protects not only you but also us. It is not worthwhile for either side to cooperate if success is not likely!


When should I order a Testing Intensive?

Now! And again when the fog-of-war descents upon your software project once more. You know it will.

Testing Intensives are primarily wired to create a clear picture of the situation you're in right now, from different angles like software security or load endurance. You get fast results, and therefore, fast fixes! You know you'll get those good nights' sleeps when your software is doing well.

What happens after the Testing Intensive?

At the end of the Testing Intensive, we will deliver all the materials to you. You can then solve your quality pain points on your own or continue with us.

Rest assured that software development's fog-of-war will devour the product development again soon. So, a quick decision on the next step is crucial!

Typically, our customers order 4-6 Testing Intensives during the year. This prevents technical debt from accumulating.

Who, actually, does your testing?

We call ourselves TestGuru's, for that's what we are. Hard-boiled in many tough software projects, we specialize in penetration testing, performance testing, and creating simple yet effective QA solutions for the people in need.

All our Testing Intensives are delivered from our Testing Lab at Oulu, Finland. We outsource no expertise.

I ordered a Testing Intensive, but is it ok to postpone it further to the future?

Don't worry! We'll deliver the Testing Intensive when it really suits you best, and we're reeeeeaaaaally flexible with the shifting nature of software projects.

Interested in the Testing Intensives?