The Finnish company Aidon has been helping electricity distribution companies improve the reliability of electricity distribution in the Nordic countries since 2004. Aidon operates at the forefront of the development and implementation of electric grid technology, providing intelligent measurement technology and services, such as remotely readable electricity meters. The company has delivered approximately three million devices in Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Denmark.

Aidon had a need to test various areas over time, but a shortage of in-house testers posed challenges. Tarmo Hyttinen, Aidon's Test Manager, turned to Prove based on previous positive experiences. Prove's approach appealed to Hyttinen because Aidon couldn't afford to hire testers traditionally on an hourly basis due to the additional workload.

"The Prove concept suited us perfectly," praises Hyttinen. "From Prove, we not only got testing but also reminders and deadlines for the work."

After the first round conducted last year, testing continues with a framework agreement. According to Hyttinen, the work went better than well. During the testing period, a few areas known to have bugs were tested, but Aidon's own testers did not have time to trace them. Aidon's in-house testers handle the testing of new functionalities themselves, while Prove's solution takes care of regression testing.

"When a new release comes out with new features, we should test whether the backbone still works. So far, I've always thought that we should test, but there's no time," says Hyttinen.

Externally procured services also create a certain positive pressure for the client. Hyttinen appreciates that when working with Prove, regression testing becomes regular, and timelines are adhered to.

"I know it's pointless to pay a penny for twiddling thumbs. These things also have to be well planned on our end. Prove also provided a nice reminder about the briefs. It's one of the partner's most important roles," says Hyttinen. "I had to plan, tell them what to test, and after that, I didn't have to worry anymore."

Hyttinen is a knowledgeable testing customer with his own experience as a tester. He was particularly impressed by the motivation and enthusiasm of Prove's testers.

"It reminded me of my own history as a tester. I even felt a bit envious when I saw that my colleagues could test for three days in a row. I would also like to be a tester at Prove!" Hyttinen says with a smile.

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