Seppo is a gamification platform designed for mobile learning and training, born out of the need to provide a new and exciting way to learn. With Seppo, game creators can build motivating gamified learning experiences where players can generate content in various ways.

Growing user groups for Seppo include companies that have recognized the benefits of gamification in onboarding, as well as in implementing strategies and values. Some of Seppo's clients also come from educational institutions, using Seppo to gamify learning from elementary school to university.

"Testing must fit into the company's daily routine and budget."

Product Owner Eeva Myller from Seppo reveals that in 2020, a native application for players was launched, and simultaneously, the user interface for players was revamped. Currently, a new web version is being developed for Seppo, along with improvements to the user experience. In this context, there was a desire to test the functionality of the new version across a wide range of devices. Two testing rounds have been completed with Prove, one for the native application and the other for the web version. It was crucial for the testing to align with Seppo's daily operations.

"It's important to know in advance the duration and scope of testing so that it can be executed within budget constraints without disturbing other tasks. For example, the hourly rate for purchased software services may often run continuously, but with Prove, the package is so well-conceptualized that there are no surprises," notes Myller.

According to Myller, if testing needs to be formalized, point-based, or require comprehensive checks, turning to Prove is a wise choice.

"I found myself taking inspiration from Prove's reporting."

"The test reports and bug descriptions produced by Prove were so good that I found myself taking inspiration for my own work from similar standardized reporting, which is concise and clear," Myller appreciates. "I also liked Prove's clear concept, which involves specific steps: initial assessment, kick-off meeting, daily reports, information on progress, and a final report."

Myller was also impressed by Prove's approach to setbacks. During the second testing round, it was discovered that an old product had been tested instead of the one in development.

"The project manager regrouped, created a new plan, and rescued the situation without extending our schedule. We could have lived with a longer timeline, but it was great that everything went according to schedule," Myller praises.

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