The gem of Oulu-based Nive Information Technology is the Nive Notis application for making mobile observations. Nive Notis enables effortless, real-time, and secure reporting directly to the company's M-Files-based information management system. The application underwent rigorous testing by Prove in the spring of 2022.

Observations Easily Reported from the Field to the Information Management System

"Our competitive advantage is that the application is easily customizable for making various mobile observations. Anything can be reported," says CEO Pekka Korpela. "Through Nive Notis, one can submit observations, whether it's a power line disturbance in the Kainuu forest, deviations noticed during an audit and their follow-up, or observations from the everyday operations of a security company," Korpela continues, highlighting the seamless integration of the application with the domestic M-Files information management system. Nive Notis provides an agile solution for reporting, documenting, and storing observations for a significant number of M-Files customers.

In March 2022, the Nive Notis application underwent security testing with Prove when the first commercially operational version was released on iOS and Android app stores.

"We wanted to test the security level of the communication between the mobile phone and the M-Files server, ensuring that no third party could access the information moving on the public internet," explains Korpela.

For data collection to make sense, there must be the ability to use mobile networks and report observations quickly and in real-time, Korpela explains. For example, timely reactions are necessary for observations related to snowplow needs, and fresh information is the most reliable.

"Of course, the observation itself may be confidential information, but a greater risk would be if a data breach targeted the company's other information."

"Testing went well in two ways," praises Korpela. "Prove convinced us with their expertise in how testing was defined, implemented, and reported. We were satisfied with the overall quality of their work."

According to Korpela, another pleasing aspect was the remarkably low number of findings during testing. "In fact, no critical findings came up, and the observations made during testing were addressed."

Prove Made Testing Easy to Purchase

Prove became Nive's partner through word of mouth. "We didn't really know of any other as good. Prove was known to be an Oulu-based company, and we had heard good things. There could have been other factors, but it was important for us that the testing was done by a Finnish company," recalls Korpela.

"One intensive week of testing was a good example of how the purchasing process has been made easy."

In addition to Prove's testing expertise, Korpela was impressed with their productization and packaging. "One intensive week of testing was a good example of how the purchasing process has been made easy."

Before testing, Nive already had a strong belief and assumption that the application was secure. However, if Prove's testing had been omitted, Nive would not have an official testing report to show to customers. In Nive's operations, customer trust is of paramount importance, and after testing, their confidence in the application's functionality increased even more.

"We wouldn't dare to sell the application to a customer with critical security concerns if things weren't absolutely in order," states Korpela.

Proven Secure Testing Confirms Versatile Reporting Application
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