Keto Software, established in 2003 in Hyvinkää, serves clients, including major Finnish and international companies such as Kone, Osuuspankki, UPM, and Wipak, as well as public sector organizations in Finland and abroad. Keto Software provides portfolio and project management, resource management, and risk management for various industries.

The ISO/IEC 27001 information security certificate requires Keto Software to conduct regular testing of its product. Benjamin Särkkä, CTO at Keto Software, mentions that their customers often request testing reports during sales situations. Annual tests are conducted at the end of the summer.

Benjamin Särkkä, responsible for product development at Keto Software, encountered Prove for the first time through testing lab presentations. Although Keto Software had another testing partner at the time, something about Prove stuck with them.

"Product development is close to my heart, and at Keto Software, we are interested in developing testing activities. Prove left an impression, and they happened to get in touch at the right time," says Särkkä.

Switching partners also improved testing results

For penetration testing, Keto Software switched from a large international company to Prove, and the first testing project was carried out in the summer of 2022, following the annual cycle. Changing the collaboration partner proved to be profitable and a positive experience.

“If we hadn't chosen Prove, we would have paid more for worse results"

"To be honest, we felt that Prove did a better job. With less money, we got more resources for the same job. Prove's team found issues that our previous partner should have found but didn't. Additionally, Prove had great people who took their work seriously. The process was solid, with clear communication, and the people were genuinely passionate about their work," sums up Särkkä.

"During the testing, we had a case where Prove's team had to play detective. It was quite amusing when they shared their achievements. It gave us the feeling that they really enjoy their work."

Security testing is part of Keto Software's routine

In addition to regular testing, the ISO/IEC 27001 certification requires using an external testing company. Särkkä mentions that testing is business as usual for Keto Software, but Prove managed to surprise them.

"We couldn't have skipped testing; it's a must. However, with Prove, we got good value for our money. If we hadn't chosen Prove, we would have paid more for worse results," notes Särkkä.

According to Särkkä, all software companies engaged in serious business need a partner like Prove. He suggests that Prove is well-suited for continuous support in development, especially for those who do not want or cannot use internal resources.

"Sometimes it's essential to have an external partner so that there's no self-congratulation. Prove's focus is on testing; that's their core business. Our core is creating software, which naturally includes testing," says Särkkä.

"Got the feeling that they really enjoy their work"
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