Leanware develops operational systems for the retail and industrial sectors to streamline purchasing, logistics, and production. Pekka Saarelainen, the company's Chief Information Officer, reveals that the collaboration with Prove started from two directions.

"Testing is not our core business; creating customer value is. However, we had already considered the need to advance testing and security matters internally. It was an active topic of discussion, and we had a plan to move forward. At this point, Prove had already come up as a potential partner, and simultaneously, a connection with them opened up. I participated in a couple of discussions with Prove, and I concluded that we definitely want to work with them."

After the initial discussions, a product for piloting was chosen. While other products were available for piloting, Leanware opted for a product that is crucial for Leanware's operations and widely used by many customers for security testing. According to Saarelainen, it was paramount for them that an external party is responsible for testing.

Making the purchase process extremely easy

Leanware places a high value on customer experience, so Saarelainen critically examined Prove's approach to interacting with customers and managing projects.

"For example, the purchasing process was made extremely easy. In our operations, we consider it essential for the customer's experience to be as smooth as possible. In this case, Prove provided us with a benchmark, such as a very clear proposal," says Saarelainen. "It clearly outlined what we would get, and we got exactly that."

“Prove provided us with a benchmark, such as a very clear proposal"

Saarelainen mentions receiving feedback from their technical team that they gained new perspectives on their work through the pilot.

"The pilot was very successful. I would have been concerned if we had found anything different," Saarelainen states. "Although no critical issues were found in testing, as a company, we cannot take the smallest risk."

Leanware plans to continue testing, and discussions with Prove are already underway for the next set of activities.

Customer Experience Expert Values Prove's Approach
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