Since 2016, Trineria has been delivering meaningful, customized software projects to its clients, ranging from small mobile applications to large-scale big data and ERP systems. In addition to software projects, Trineria also serves its clients as an outsourced expert organization. Trineria's clientele includes small and medium-sized manufacturing companies as well as high-value-added technical wholesalers.

According to Trineria, its clients are characterized by a strong desire to develop their own business with technically advanced solutions. The impetus for the collaboration with Prove came from one of Trineria's long-standing clients who needed external testing for a software project.

"We continuously perform testing ourselves. However, it was natural for us to entrust this new, larger release to Prove and see if the UI and UX work, or if there are any bugs," says Juha Martikainen, a project manager at Trineria working on software projects. "We're happy to pay to get the job done."

Martikainen notes that they could have achieved results on their own, but the timeline would have been entirely different.

"We would have spent resources gradually discovering the problems," Martikainen says. "The project was extremely easy for us; Prove’s team were true professionals. The testers were relatively young, but they were on top of things. For example, communication was excellent, even during testing."

"The project was extremely easy for us”

Martikainen emphasizes that all parties benefited from the smoothly executed testing project.

"Prove benefited by learning about the kinds of mistakes software companies can make. We benefited from a well-executed testing process, and most importantly, the end-user benefited by receiving the most error-free product possible."

All Parties Benefited in the Testing Project
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